East or West, Which side of South Florida do you like best?

There are so many great things about living in South Florida.  Mild weather and flat ground make bicycling an easy form of alternative transportation.  When I travel around to visit friends and family, I am always happily surprised how many people of all ages I see on bicycles.  Way more than I ever saw around Dallas or Fort Worth.

Which side of Florida do you like to ride?  Where do you go?

I’ll just stand here on the Broadwalk in Hollywood and try to figure out my favorite.  It’s really hard to choose.

KC Jones leans near palm tree


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Tell Me About A Favorite Bicycle Ride

This woman started riding her bicycle just a few months ago.  Find out more about her on the Placida Bike Ride Story post coming soon.

Older Couple on bicycles after riding Cape Haze trail

Norma Allison (67) and husband Terry (72) bicycle The Cape Haze Pioneer Trail.


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Fasting for Fitness and Faith

Everyone has struggles in life.  Most of the time we just try to tough it out.  Why do we find it so hard to ask for help?  Human nature has us clinging to control but so much of life is out of our hands. We can control putting something in our mouth.heavy breakfast with ham cornbeef hash and eggs benedict

But usually it’s what come out of our mouth that is the problem.  It’s the corruption in our hearts that leaps off the tongue and we get into a lot of trouble with hurtful and careless words.

I want to fast mostly for clarity of direction in my career.  I have made some pretty drastic moves lately and second guess myself a lot.  I’m hoping by giving up eating and drinking certain things for a specific time, I can focus more on the Holy Spirit than my flesh.

I have gone as much as a week without solid food before.  It was a challenge.  Still, I did feel closer to God.

What are your experiences with Fasting?

I’m reading and recommend “The Roots and Fruits of Fasting” by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope. ISBN 0-9606936-9-6   Swope Enterprises P.O. Box 1290, Lone Star, TX 75668  phone 800-447-9772

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