Smart Ways to Make Intervals Seem Easier


It’s a no-brainer that intervals can make you faster on your bike, but these all-out efforts leave many cyclists

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Blackburn’s Ranger Program Is a Dream Come True for Bike Adventurers

Blackburn Rangers

For decades, “Blackburn” has served as generic shorthand for quality bike-touring racks in the way that brand names like Kleenex

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Baltimore Cyclist Catches Riots In Action

Baltimore Riots

Kate Drabinski rides around Baltimore everyday and writes about what she sees on her blog What I Saw Riding

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Exclusive Phil Gaimon Video

Phil Gaimon

Phil Gaimon: Pro cyclist, clean racer, author, cookie connoisseur, sweet tea enthusiast. The list could go on, but Phil’s

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How to Poop Politely at a Bike Race

Bathroom Etiquette

Everyone poops. Whether your tummy gets a little nervous before a race, during a charity ride, or after a

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#MoveInMay: Olympian Allyson Felix shouts out bicycling and Fire Up Your Feet

Blog by Allyson Felix, Six-time U.S. Olympic Track & Field Medalist and President’s

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15 for 2015: This Year’s Best New Mountain Bikes

Giant Stance 0

There’s no shortage of blinged-out, $6,000 carbon bikes to choose from. But finding a capable full-suspension model for less

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New Stickers Support Female and LGBT Cyclists

Route Feminent

As a queer woman and former cross-country bike tour leader, I never thought I’d one day interview a self-identified “straight dude”

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Joe's Bike Shop Mixed Up in Baltimore Riots

Joe's Bike Shop

Baltimore is currently in upheaval after protests—many peaceful, some violent—broke out in the city as a response to the death

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#ShedTheMonster With a Bike Ride

Shred the Monster

We recently talked about how to avoid feelings of burnout—in any area of your life—by hopping on a bike.

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