Rosters Announced for Tour of Utah Events

2015 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

The preliminary rosters for the 16 men’s teams competing at the 2015 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, August

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The Scapin Spektro is a Crazy Light Mountain Bike

Scapin Spektro

The claimed weight on the Scapin Spektro’s monocoque carbon frame is 980 grams for a size medium. That’s lighter

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5 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Aching Feet

Get ready for sore feet if your cleats look like this.

Cycling isn’t as hard on your feet as, say, running, but that’s not to say our sport is always foot-pain

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10 Bicycle-Themed Movies on Netflix Now

A still image from The Bicycle Thief

If you need inspiration to get back in the saddle, or a little something to keep you motivated on

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This History Lesson is Taught by Bike

Nedra Deadwyler

First of all…Nedra. Coolest name ever.My mom found it in a Good Housekeeping story, and her friend also liked it.

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First Look: Highlights from Felt’s 2016 Line

Compulsion 30

It’s somewhat rare to find a fully featured Rockshox Pike on a $3,500 bike, but Felt puts the RCT3

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Cool Things We Learned from Tour de France Strava Files

Robert Gesink's Pateua de Beille Strava File

Most riders will never sprint as fast or climb as long as the pros. But by reviewing their Tour de

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Mountain Biking in National Parks? Hell Yeah.

National Parks: Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Kentucky

Family vacations to national parks are cliché but essential for the recreation-savvy. For those in mountain biking families, though, a

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Congress Punts Transportation Until the Fall

After weeks of work, the Senate passed the DRIVE Act today to reauthorize

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A Brief History Lesson: Academic Performance and Physical Activity

This guest blog post was written by our research adviser, Christina Galardi.

First, let’s

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