How Finishing 18th Changed It All for This Cyclocross Racer

Dani Arman

Dani Arman, 25
Program Manager At Hitachi Data Systems

St. Charles, Illinois

“I started running competitively when I was

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9 Ways to Stay Fit When Life’s Insanely Busy


It’s easy to resolve to exercise regularly, especially when you’re lounging around nibbling cookies and sipping holiday brews with family.

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The 15 Best Bicycling News Stories of 2015

Racing a Llama

Our ‘news year’ starts with the road season, naturally. But this piece featured the least pro racer we’ve seen in

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First Look: 2016 Shinola Detroit Arrow

Want to see more cool urban bikes like the Shinola Detroit Arrow? Check out the Bicycling magazine YouTube channel

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Are Beets The Secret to Easier Workouts?

Preload your next ride with beet juice: Drinking a glass of the stuff each day may make your workouts easier,

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Idaho Adds Bicycle Questions to Driving Tests

bike lane

If your driver’s education was anything like mine, you spent far more class time watching grisly, outdated horror films about

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Germany Opens Bicycle-Only Autobahn

German Bicycle Autobahn

It’s every cyclist’s dream: no red lights, no trucks, just a clear, smooth lane to zoom down with the wind

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The World’s Coolest Bike Infrastructure

Hovenring bike roundabout

While the US is just getting around to building protected intersections in Davis, California, and Salt Lake City, the Netherlands

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Reviewed: Roka Pro Race Cycling Kit

Roka Pro Race Kit

Roka, the company known for making wetsuits worn by the fastest triathletes in the world, dives into cycling apparel

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Tested: Crankbrothers Y16 Steel Multi-Tool

Crankbrothers Y16 Multitool

My sister gave me my first multi-tool for Christmas six years ago. It was a Topeak Alien II with 26

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