The 10 Commandments of Training


1. Have a Plan. Winging it is fine sometimes, but it doesn’t quite cut it when you want to achieve

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10 Things to Avoid When Buying a New Bike

How Not to Buy a Bike

As new bikes trickle into shops across the country, you’re going to be tempted to buy one. But the road

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Tested: Intense Spider 275C

Spider bike test review

When Intense’s Spider 275 quietly faded out of its lineup after being introduced just 18 months ago, it seemed something

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18 Reasons to Eat Healthfully (That Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss)

reasons to eat healthy

It doesn’t matter whether you want to drop a few pounds or you’re happy with your waistline as-is: <a class="colorbox" href=""

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City of Pryor Creek, OK Passes First Complete Streets Ordinance in Oklahoma

The City of Pryor Creek, Oklahoma recently became the first city in the

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2016 Buyer's Guide: Best Women's Mountain Bikes

Liv Intrigue, SX

The Intrigue from Giant’s spin-off sister brand Liv started out as a bike with shining potential and has only improved

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2016 Buyer's Guide: Best Plus-Size Mountain Bikes

Ibis Mojo HD3

Already one of the most highly-regarded trail bikes on the market, the Ibis Mojo HD3 got a literal boost

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Ride Strong with Plant Protein

plant protein

Eat meat or be protein-deficient. Don’t eat meat and become a stronger cyclist. Cut out all animal products. Okay, maybe

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8 Great Cycling Jerseys for $60 or Less

Specialized RBX Jersey

Sitting right at the intersection of performance, value, and comfort, the Specialized RBX jersey is designed to be long-lasting, and

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5 Recipes to Fuel Every Kind of Ride

green smoothie in glass cup

Your pedal-pushing cycling muscles get depleted and take a beating during long, hard rides. A nutrient-packed smoothie can help

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