These 5 Spice Rub Recipes Will Blow Your Mind

spice chicken rubs

Cooking a big batch of chicken breasts on Sunday is one of the easiest ways to prep protein for your

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2016 Buyer's Guide: Best 27.5+ Mountain Bikes

Ibis Mojo HD3

Already one of the most highly-regarded trail bikes on the market, the Ibis Mojo HD3 got a literal boost

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The Rise of Temperature-Regulating Performance Apparel

cyclist riding in hi-tech cycling kit

One jersey for all seasons: That’s the goal of researchers developing “smart fabrics” to keep you at the perfect temperature,

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30 Thoughts Every Cyclist Has During Spin Class

cyclists taking indoor spin class

Going to a spin class can make many cyclists feel slightly out of their element. It’s an activity so close

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Antoine Demoitié Dies of Crash Injuries in Gent-Wevelgem

Antoine Demoitie

The worst fears of pro cyclists were realized on Sunday when a chain-reaction crash led to the death of a

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Four Rides to Shed Pounds and Get Faster

don't diet just pedal coffee

Why it works: Before breakfast, your energy stores are only about a quarter to a third full, so your body

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6 Ways to Avoid Fading on a Long Ride

race across america cyclist fueling with an energy gel

We’ve all been there, feeling chainless and amazing for the first 60 miles of a century ride. Then suddenly,

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2016 Buyer’s Guide: Best Enduro Bikes

Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01

With 165mm of third-generation VPP wheel travel, a low bottom bracket height, and a slack 65-degree head angle one would

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9 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer


There may only be one National Beer Day (April 7), but don’t let that keep you from celebrating this beverage

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A Field Guide to Bicycles

Field Guide to Bicycles

Put on your pith helmets and get out your binoculars, folks. Before you, the long-awaited Field Guide to Bicycles (First

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