Ride Food Recipe: PB&J Rolls

peanut butter and jelly rolls cycling snack

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are basically the perfect ride food—until they start leaking all over your cycling

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First Ride: The 2017 Cannondale Scalpel

Riding the 2017 Cannondale Scalpel

World Cup XC courses have gotten way more technical over the past few seasons. And everyday riders are pushing past

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Tips on Buying a Used Bike

 A used bike for sale.

Last week I helped a friend buy a used road bike. His previous bicycle had been stolen recently, so when

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Should Bike Commuters Use Backpacks or Messenger Bags?

Messenger Bag and Backpack

So you just started riding everywhere by bike and need a way to transport your clothes, snacks, and whatever else

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How to Hydrate on Cool Days

cyclist on bike holding water bottle in cold weather

It’s easy to remember to drink enough during hot-weather exercise because, well, it’s hot, you’re sweating, and you generally

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8 Unexpected Things A Blood Test Can Reveal About You

Blood Test

Cholesterol levels. Red and white blood cell counts. Nutritional deficiencies. You already know that a simple blood test

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Overhauled 2017 RockShox SID Fork Returns to Its XC-Racing Roots

The new SID returns to its focus on cross-country racers and bikes

When it was first introduced in 1998, the RockShox SID (Superlight Integrated Design) was the company’s premier cross-country racing

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Are These Bike Safety Comics Too Graphic?

Bike safety graphic novel

Learning about bike safety doesn’t exactly pack the same thrills as riding a bike—and it usually doesn’t include the

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One Really Good Reason to Splurge on Your Next Bike

Sean Talkington

I used to work at one of the best bike shops in the world (I might be biased), Golden Saddle

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What It Feels Like to Ride Across the Country on a 3-Speed Cruiser Bike

Ryan Van Duzer

“That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard,” said a friend who heard about my plan to ride a New

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