Go Ahead: Pay Too Much for That Dream Bike

Amanda Batty

In 2012, my best friend encouraged me to try a local amateur downhill race. I was hesitant, but I won.

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3 Common Questions Answered for Beginner Cyclists

A Covina Street cycling skills class.

They may sound basic—but we get asked these questions all the time. (And if you’re looking for more tips for

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Why Your Bike's Paint Matters More Than You Think

Dain Zaffke

We all rationalize the need to spend thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on a bike. If you’re like

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Tell USDOT that Transportation is About More than Just Cars!

What the US Department of Transportation chooses to measure has an impact on

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Confessions of a Tokenized Advocate

This blog post was co-written by National Partnership staff Keith Benjamin, community partnerships

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Fuel Your Ride With This Ultra-Easy Macaroon Recipe


When I’m two hours into a ride and start to feel hungry I don’t want to choke down a

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This Floor Pump Makes Installing Tubeless Tires Simple

Topeak Joe Blow Booster

The Topeak Joe Blow Booster is a double-chambered shop-type floor pump that’s designed to make inflating your tubeless tires

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Women’s Cycling in Afghanistan Hits the Roadblock of Corruption

Afghan Women's Cycling Team paceline

Not even a Nobel Peace Prize nomination could protect Afghanistan’s national women’s cycling team from mismanagement and corruption. The five-year-old

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9 Nutritionist-Approved Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Mousse

If you’ve got a mean sweet tooth, you know the struggle of trying to eat a balanced diet and wanting

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7 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Spin Class

indoor cycling class

The calorie-torching qualities of indoor cycling are hard to beat—that is, if you’re making the most out of your session.

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