4 Tips for Crushing a Tour de France Ride Streak

ride everyday of the tour

Finishing the Tour de France means pedaling for at least 23 days straight (the riders spin easy on the race’s

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You’re Probably Lying To Yourself About What Eating In “Moderation” Means


One of the most common pieces of dieting advice is to eat “everything in moderation.” But many people have a

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First Look: Shimano Dura-Ace R9100

Shimano Dura Ace 9100 Crank

Shimano’s Dura-Ace is the most influential group in the world. Not only is it the benchmark for drivetrain performance, Shimano’s

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The Diamondback Airén Gets Even More Comfortable for 2017

Diamondback Airén

It’s hard to jump on a new bike, ride for five hours, and have no complaints, but that’s what happened

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You Have to See This Massive Collection of Rare Cycling Jerseys

Chico, California-based cyclist Jay Rawlins describes his impressive set of 123 collectible cycling jerseys—altogether holding about 300 autographs from the

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Cannondale's SuperSix EVO Gets Extra Stopping Power


Last summer, Cannondale updated its flagship carbon road race bike, the SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod, with a slew of improvements. These

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8 Tasty Foods That Help You Rehydrate Naturally

On the bike, hydration is important, but off of it, your first priority should be staying on top

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Cycling Training Tips: Your Blood Lactate Level

A cyclist racing.

Chances are you've heard cyclists say they're “training at ninety percent of max heart rate,” or some similar

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Tested: Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Dura-Ace 2

cannondale supersix

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that our socks will be wet. But our shorts have dried. The rain

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Are Sports Supplements "Gateway" Drugs to Doping?

sports supplements

In 2013, Susan Backhouse of Leeds Metropolitan University in Britain published an interesting anonymized study looking

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