These Commonly Prescribed Drugs Are Only Needed 33% Of The Time


Leaving the doctor’s office empty-handed isn’t a bad thing: An estimated 30 percent of all oral antibiotic prescriptions in the

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3 Essential Tips For 'Grilling' When You Don't Have A Grill


Summer is pretty much synonymous with grilling season. And while we'd all love to whip up perfectly seared

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6 Things Medical Professionals Wish You Knew About Working Out in the Heat

Summer is the perfect season for exercise buffs: The days are longer, the weather is consistently better, and cooling down

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Stay Cool on the Hottest Rides

As soon as you start pedaling, an internal battle begins between your skin and your cycling muscles. Your skin

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5 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Iced Coffee

Given the already sweltering temps, you're probably tipping back more than a few ice brews per week. Which is great—we've

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Why Every Girl Should Learn to Fix a Flat

learn to fix a flat

After working as a firefighter, getting her pilot’s license, and mountain biking the Bolivian Andes, Caroline Paul, 52, wrote

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To Compete is to Gamble: The Uncertainty of Bike Racing

A bike race.

In 2011, while many Americans braced for Hurricane Irene, cyclists from around the world were gearing up for another storm,

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First Ride: The Bianchi Methanol CV

methanol cv

Bianchi has finally begun including Countervail vibration-canceling technology in its mountain bike line with the introduction of the new <a class="colorbox"

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The Best Recipe for Truly Magic Brownies

magic brownies

What does a 17-year-old aspiring professional cyclist think about as he trains? Brownies. And pumpkin bread. And muffins.


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A Look at the Republican and Democratic Party Platforms

It is nearly August, a month in which members of Congress are back

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