First Look: Wahoo's Updated KICKR Smart Trainer

Wahoo KICKR Main Image

I never was a trainer guy. Riding inside was so tedious that it made me hate my bike. But

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First Look: The New Yeti SB5

Yeti SB5 beauty

When Yeti launched the SB5c in July 2014, it was the first time anyone had seen the new Switch

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7 Surprising Sources of Cycling Pain

Sometimes it’s really clear why you’re hurting. Maybe you slid out on your hip and now your hip hurts. Maybe

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First Look: The FSA K-Force WE Wireless Electronic Groupset

The FSA K-Force WE

After years of hype about the company’s first groupset, FSA has finally announced that it’s ready for market.

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Thousands Tell USDOT to Count People Instead of Cars; AASHTO Says Your Opinion Shouldn't Matter

Back in May, we asked you to take action against the US Department

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7 Chamois Mistakes That Ruin Rides

Used correctly, the chamois padding in your cycling shorts is your best defense against ride-wrecking soreness (and sores) in a

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First Look: Saris' New App-Compatible PowerTap P1S and Wireless Indoor Trainer

Power pedals from Saris.

The Saris Cycling Group has been a leader in precision power-measuring devices and training tools for more than 17 years,

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8 Cheap Foods Nutritionists Love

Whether you're grocery shopping for one or trying to feed a large family, the bills can really add up—especially if

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First Look: The Turner Flux v4.0

The Turner Flux v4.0.

Turner’s Flux has evolved over the years from a 100mm-travel cross-country racer to a 120mm-travel 27.5” trail bike; now it

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First Look: Zwift PR

The Zwift app.

In an effort to reach a wider audience and make their online training and gaming platform more accessible, Zwift is

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