The Power of Setting Absolutely Huge Goals

bike goals big resolution new year's

On December 31, 2014, Barbara Ortiz was at a low point. The Tucson, Arizona resident had recently been through a

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Bike Racer Ellen Watters Dies 5 Days After Being Hit by a Car

ellen watters cyclist

Canadian bike racer Ellen Watters, 28, died Wednesday, five days after being hit by a car on a training ride

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7 Fatty Foods that Blast Belly Fat

“All that fat ultimately becomes the modern equivalent of acid-washed jeans,” I told my friend as we overheard someone

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Should You Use Sports Detergent on your Kit?

As athletic clothing becomes more advanced, there's been a rise of sport-specific laundry detergents to help keep our gear

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How to Ride When It's Windy

Like all challenges in our sport—rain, cold, hills, competition—dealing with wind has both a mental and a practical side. Here

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How to Motivate Yourself to Start Working Out

motivation carrot workout

I see Mark, my brother-in-law, once a year. He’s a great guy, and the visits are always fun. Except for

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Crush 'Cross on the New Cannondale SuperX Cyclocross Race Bike


After six years with few revisions to its flagship carbon cyclocross bike, Cannondale has released a completely redesigned version.

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Dealing with Fear After a Crash

Staying in the Saddle and Dealing With Fear.

If while riding your bike you've ever crashed hard, had a car-bike collision, or even just a close

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7 Nutritionists Share the ONE Meal Prep Tip They Swear By

Does meal prep often start at the top of your weekend to-do list, but come Sunday, it lands

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60 Minutes Is Investigating Motor Doping in Pro Cycling

uci motor doping tour de france

For months, Istvan “Stefano” Varjas has told select press outlets that a major exposé of illicit use of hidden motors

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