Tested: Castelli Perfetto W Jacket

Castelli Perfetto Women's Jacket

The Perfetto is an evolution of Castelli’s popular Gabba, a water-resistant but highly breathable jersey that the company first

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You Have to Watch This Amazing Bike-Themed Music Video


In this wildly excessive video parodying 'Downtown' by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, 'Biketown' was made to feature the

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The One Vitamin Millions Of People Are Short on

The One Vitamin Millions Of People Are Short on.

Every day, an estimated 6,800 new peer-reviewed academic articles are published. That’s a whole lot of science to wade through—but

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Fuel Your Ride With Cookies

We know we need to eat easy-uptake sugars, slower-acting carbs, and a little bit of sodium to succeed on the

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How to Bike Commute Year-Round in Traffic

Tanya Quick

Editor's Note: This article first published in the print edition of Bicycling. Subscribe today!

My office is on

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6 Epic Bike Events You Probably Don't Know About

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Tested: The Warmest Winter Cycling Clothes

Don’t dread winter, crush it. Modern cycling apparel has gotten so good that we’re able to ride in colder

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Tested: the Jamis Icon Elite

Jamis Icon Elite

The bell on the shop door trills as the customer pushes it open. Inside, he’s welcomed by a gravelly but

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How Bikes Inspired a Nut-Butter Sensation

justins nut butter

If you’re a nut butter-loving cyclist, you’ve probably heard of Justin’s. Maybe one of the company’s maple-almond butter squeeze packs

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9 Reasons to Binge Watch the 2017 Pro Road Season

The 2017 professional road cycling season is already underway, with an exciting kickoff at the 2017 Santos Tour Down Under.

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