Danny Summerhill Charged With Firing Gun on a Ride, Leaves UnitedHealthcare Team

Kiel Reijnen Danny Summerhill UnitedHealthcare pro cycling

Pro road cyclist Danny Summerhill has left the UnitedHealthcare team after being arraigned on Tuesday for disorderly conduct, discharging a

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3 Explosive Plyometric Exercises for Speed and Power

Plyometric moves.

If you want to get your muscles into maximum shape in as short a time as possible, plyometrics are a

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​Why You Should Never Use Peppermint Oil to Remove a Tick

removing tick with peppermint oil

A warmer-than-usual winter means a higher tick population, suggesting that this year’s tick season is going to be

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Hi-Viz Cycling Gear On the Cheap

It’s every driver’s responsibility to look for cyclists; “I didn’t see him” is not a valid excuse for a crash.

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This New Video Series Demystifies the Allure of Tall Bikes

zenga tall bike cycling culture

The Zenga Brothers cycling collective is all about the subversive, weird parts of bike culture, especially when it comes to

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Why You Don't Always Need To Finish A Full Course Of Antibiotics—According To Doctors

Do I need to take the full course of antibiotics?

When you last took antibiotics, your doctor probably told you to “complete the course”—that is, take the pills for the

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Chicago's Bloomington Trail Is One of Our Favorite Bike Paths, Anywhere

In 2001, Ben Helphand found a hole in a fence in the center of Chicago’s Northwest Side, and scrambled up

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​Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Spend Memorial Day on a Tandem Bike

justin timberlake jimmy fallon bro tandem ride cycling

Riding a tandem with your best friend seems like the perfect way to spend a Memorial Day weekend—and singer

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​Cutting Calories Could Drastically Reduce Your Body’s Internal Aging

cutting calories reverses internal aging

You may feel like aging isn’t something you need to worry about. But youth is fleeting, and someday you may

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The New Trek Remedy 9.9 RSL Trail Bike Is Built for Speed

Trek Remedy 9.9 RSL

A wave of wet loam arcs off my rear wheel into the sky. I drift slightly, setting up for the

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