​4 Workouts That Might Be Destroying Your Knees

worst workouts for knees

Can your workout be the reason your joints are aching? Certain sports can wreck your knees more than others, according

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​Italian Cyclist Disqualified from Race for Mechanical Doping

Mechanical Doping

An Italian amateur cyclist was disqualified from a masters race in Bedizzole, Italy, under suspicion of mechanical doping on Saturday.


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The Only 4 Natural Insect Repellents That Actually Work

Keeping biting insects at bay is tricky business—of course you don’t want to douse yourself in potentially dangerous chemicals, but

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The GoPro HERO5 Session Is On Sale For Its Lowest Price Ever​

The GoPro HERO5 Session

You know what would makes awesome bike adventures even better? The chance to relive them later—the twisty singletrack,

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Congressional Confusion: Tax Cuts or Infrastructure Up Next?

The latest version of the health care repeal bill is down for the

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Tested: The Altor 560 Bike Lock ​

Altor 560 Bike Lock

A good bike lock is critical—a lesson I learned when my beloved BMX disappeared from the bike rack

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'I Tried Drinking Plant-Based Protein Shakes After Every Workout—Here's What Happened'

i tired protein powder after every workout

Even as a fitness editor, I’ve never been one to drink protein shakes for several reasons: One, I usually work

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9 Reasons To Watch the 2017 Tour of Utah

Each year we look forward to the Tour of Utah. We love how easy it is to watch the

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​Our Favorite Waterproof Road Jacket is On Sale

gore one gtx jacket

It’s summer, but even on the most gorgeous days, the skies can darken and drench you without much warning. Wind

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​The 8 Things Cyclists Should Never Leave in a Hot Car

Cars get hot in the summer, and plenty of cyclists are more than happy to leave bikes and gear locked

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