First Ride Impressions: Diamondback Carbon Release

Diamondback Carbon Release 5c red mountain bike

When Diamondback launched its 130mm-travel, 27.5” wheeled Release trail bike last year, the brand took a quantum leap

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A Popular Sports Blogger Declared War on Bikes—Then Cyclists Fought Back

Barstool Sports Logo and Cyclist T-Shirt

A sports blogger known for his trolling antics called for the murder of cyclists on a SiriusXM radio show last

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8 Signs Stress Is Making You Sick—And How To Get Healthier, Starting Today

We all deal with stress from time to time. And in many ways, a little stress can be healthy.


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Save Big on CLIF Bloks Energy Chews

CLIF Bloks Energy Chews

CLIF Bloks energy chews are a tried-and-true source of cycling nutrition. They work great to keep you fueled

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​It's National Coffee Day! Here Are 12 Ways To Score A Free Cup

National Coffee Day is September 29, and that means free java galore!

Besides the obvious perk of sipping on

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This New Cirque du Soleil Show Has Choreographed BMX Jumps and a Trials Rider Up in the Air

BMXers Volta Cirque du Soleil

Canada’s Cirque du Soleil has long been renowned for the artistry and athleticism of its performers. But its new show

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How to Climb up a Really, Really Steep Hill

We’ve all been there: You look up at a road that appears as a wall in front of your bike

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Woodall Amendment Compromises Local Control

Congress continues to debate 2018 federal government spending levels, which must be settled

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This Interactive Map Will Tell You When Biking Is Faster Than Taking a Cab

Citi Bike vs Taxicab Map

If there’s one thing all commuters could use, it’s more data to help them plan the most efficient route to

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First Ride: The Norco Search XR

The Norco Search is “a new way of thinking—a bike for those who want to continue onwards when the asphalt

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