Chris Froome Doesn't Want to Negotiate a Short Ban Over Drug Test Results

Chris Froome Denies Plea Deal

Chris Froome on Tuesday strongly denied a newspaper report that he is seeking to negotiate a short ban rather than

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We Tasted 27 Flavors of GU—and Ranked Them All

If you’ve done any distance events, you’ve probably eaten an energy gel. You know, those little foil packets that contain

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10 All-Time Cycling Memes Everyone Who Rides Can Relate To

Cyclists love a good meme—especially when it helps justify that new bike or showcases our obsessive stoke on the sport.

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Rule the Bike Lane with These Cool Urban Cycling Clothes

For the cyclist who rides everywhere—from the coffee shop, to daycare, to work, to the bar—casual clothes often wear out

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The Burke 20 Folding City Bike Packs up Smaller Than a Suitcase

folded burke 20

The Burke 20 from Seattle Cycles is a perfect urban-riding companion or bike for frequent flyers. It can be folded—no

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Does Losing a Little Weight Really Make You Faster — And Other Pressing Cycling Nutrition Questions Answered

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Pactimo's Alpine Thermal Gear Could Be Your New Go-To Cold-Weather Kit

pactimo winter-cycling clothes

It can be hard to find a whole set of winter cycling clothing that performs well, fits naturally, and

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Driver Throws Cyclist to the Ground in Pittsburgh Road-Rage Assault

Driver Assaults Cyclist

Bike commuters know that riding in traffic can get pretty scary as you navigate roads with drivers who

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Strava’s Heatmap Is Giving Away the Locations of US Military Bases

Strava Heatmap Syria

Strava, the fitness tracking app, uses satellites to record its users’ runs, bike rides, and other workouts. It

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The Best Commuter Backpacks for the Daily Grind

If you’re hauling your gear with you to work every day, you need a backpack that’s sizable, comfortable, and looks

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