The Diamondback Podium Brings Wind-Tested Aero Touches to a Carbon Frame

Diamondback Podium Vitesse Disc

Model name: Podium

Price range: $300 to $6,000

Style: Aero Road

Tire clearance: 28mm

We loved the super-aero <a class="colorbox"

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The Best Cycling Clothes for Everyday Riding

You could ride to work or do errands in whatever clothing you happen to have around. You could

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Can Vibrating Products Help Make You a Better Cyclist?

When our bodies are exposed to vibration, our muscles automatically twitch against it, says Michele Olson, Ph.D., an adjunct professor

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Save 50 Percent on The Bell Super 3 MIPS

bell super 3 mips

Original Price: $155

Buy it now: $77 on Competitive Cyclist

Committing to a full-face helmet can be

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Scott's Road Comp Is the Cycling Shoe for All of Us

Scott Road Comp Boa Road Cycling Shoe

Price: $119.95

Weight: 295 grams (claimed, Boa closure, size 8.5)

Closure: Laces, Boa, or Velcro

Style: Road

Buy it: <a class="colorbox"

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12 Cycling Jackets and Vests​ to Keep You Riding All Year Long

A reliable jacket or vest is a must-have; it extends your comfortable riding range. Windproof jackets keep you warm in

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The Diamondback Clutch Is a Women's Mountain Bike That Shreds Hard

Diamondback Clutch 2 women's mountain bike

Model name: Clutch

Price range: $1,749 to $2,249

Style: Women’s Mountain Bike

Wheel size: 27.5-inch

Travel: 130/150mm (frame/fork)


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The Diamondback Airen Is an Awesome Women's Road Bike at a Great Value

Diamondback Airen 5 Carbon women's road bike

Model name: Airen

Price range: $450 to $2,800

Style: Women’s Road Bike

Wheel size: 700c

Women looking for an

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8 Base Layers That Will Level Up Your Kit Game​

I almost never ride without a base layer. If you’re not yet a convert, hear me out. I’m a <a class="colorbox"

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This 6-Step Routine Will Get Your Glutes in Shape

Want to know one of the reasons athletes end up hurt? Look at your backside. Underutilized glutes are to blame

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