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Pedaling Beyond Safe Infrastructure Access

Last night, I went for a bike ride. I love the wind whooshing

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Congressional Update: Progress on Spending Bills; Concerns on Automated Vehicles Bill

There is good news for a number of programs that

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Traffic Gardens to Teach and Inspire Kids

traffic garden

This guest blog post was written by Tiffany Lam, research

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Four Things Healthy Food Advocates Can Do to Improve Access for People Without Cars

“There are too many places in this country where it’s easier

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Safe Routes to Groceries in Cleveland’s AsiaTown

In winter 2017, our team got a question: “Have you ever looked at

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Building Parks is Not Enough


Safe Routes to Parks is a national framework for ensuring

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Shuster Proposal Sets Stage for Transportation Reauthorization

Earlier this week, Rep. Shuster (R-PA), the current chair of the House Transportation

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States Buckle Down on Spending TAP; Some States Risk Losing Funds

Each quarter, we take a look at state progress with implementing the Transportation

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It Doesn't Take as Long as You'd Think!

This blog post was written by research advisor Tiffany Lam.

In a previous blog

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State Report Cards: A Tool to Improve TAP in Your State

Last month, the National Partnership released the 2018 version of Making Strides:

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