After decades of riding my bicycle, I was pulled into the advocacy aspect of cycling.  Mostly, I’m like the rest of us, I just love the freedom of the wind in my face and watching the world roll by up close and personal.  My former website hosts a lot of my bicycling experience including snapshots of the guests that were on my TV show “Keeping Up with KC Jones.”  Please visit  for a glimpse into my bicycling and media production background.

Enjoy this NEWS Feed from national bicycling organizations.

In winter 2017, our team got a question: “Have you ever looked at how people can walk to and from grocery stores from senior centers? Maybe Safe Routes to Grocery Stores?” We were thrilled. We had been working for the past year to refine a concept called Safe Routes to [...]
Wed, Aug 08, 2018
Source: Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to Parks is a national framework for ensuring that people can walk, bike or roll to a park or greenspace in a way that is appealing and safe from traffic and personal danger. Photo Naim Hasan PhotographyThis blog post was written by Healthy Parks and Places Manager Danielle [...]
Thu, Jul 26, 2018
Source: Safe Routes to School
Earlier this week, Rep. Shuster (R-PA), the current chair of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, released an Infrastructure Discussion Draft.  He is hoping it will prompt discussion on how to address the continual shortfall of funding in the Highway Trust Fund. The federal gas tax hasn’t been increased in [...]
Thu, Jul 26, 2018
Source: Safe Routes to School
Each quarter, we take a look at state progress with implementing the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). For the quarter covering April to June 2018, states obligated nearly $131 million in TAP funding, with all states except for three making forward progress. (Obligation means that the state DOT has committed funding [...]
Mon, Jul 16, 2018
Source: Safe Routes to School
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