A Real Noble Deed to Donate Bicycles

Many of us find we have been blessed with more than one bicycle.  Most of us can only ride one at a time.  I really like owning a variety of types because each one fits situations differently.  It’s like have a dressy bike for dates, a comfortable bike for cruising the beach, a racing bike so I can try to keep up with the roadies.  But when it comes down to it, my daughter and I love mountain bikes the best.

2 mtbs

So when I found I had two extra bicycles, I wanted to find someone that would appreciate them and I didn’t have the time of desire to sell them to the public.  Don’t get me wrong, I could use the money but who is going to reimburse me for the hassle of the crazies on Craigslist? Lucky for the community Real Bikes and Trinity Presbyterian Church have partnered to give us a place to recycle our cycles.

Real bikes 4 11 13

Elle, KC Jones and Steve “Spike” Noble handle the drop off part of finding these two bicycles new owners.

I’m thankful that people like Jim Menzor of Trinity Presbyterian Church have invested in people’s lives by distributing non-motorized vehicles to individuals who need affordable transportation.  The church offers opportunities to praise and worship Jesus with spirit and good deeds.  Volunteer for Jim in the bicycle program or one of the many other outreach programs of the church’s Community Assistance Ministry.

If you find you need your own bicycle in need of repair, Real Bikes’ maintenance team is the best in town.  The skilled, strapping men can bind up your broken bike.  Whether it needs as simple tune up, brakes adjusted or a complete rebuild with upgraded components, your wheels will be in good hands.  They will have you spinning with pleasure down the path, happily on your way.

Trinity Presbyterian Church: 4365 State Road 776, Venice, FL 34293 (941) 492-6384

Real Bikes Venice: 581 US 41 By-Pass Bird Bay Plaza, Venice, FL 34285 (941) 485-3113

As a Christian, I like to muse about how Jesus and bicycling provide a sense of freedom for my soul.  I hope you will have a long, joy and hope filled life with both and keep life UP.

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East or West, Which side of South Florida do you like best?

There are so many great things about living in South Florida.  Mild weather and flat ground make bicycling an easy form of alternative transportation.  When I travel around to visit friends and family, I am always happily surprised how many people of all ages I see on bicycles.  Way more than I ever saw around Dallas or Fort Worth.

Which side of Florida do you like to ride?  Where do you go?

I’ll just stand here on the Broadwalk in Hollywood and try to figure out my favorite.  It’s really hard to choose.

KC Jones leans near palm tree


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