Wine Poured Out To Put Out a Person on Fire

I was invited to an art show while I was visiting Orlando. My friend Tami was networking for her many marketing websites. ( And Kate actually had her artwork displayed in the gallery.

Kate with her art.

Kate with her art.

We socialized with many very interesting people.  One such woman is Coco.  She is a costume designer for Disney and instructor at a local art institute.  We had heard about a wine and chocolate tasting and invited her to come along. The sampling was set up in a dark, narrow venue.  It was upstairs in an old two story building downtown on Pine Street.  As part of the ambiance, tea light candles about shoulder height were lit on small shelves on the wall.  On the other wall hung a very large painting of a beautiful woman, with dark hair.  I was standing behind Coco in line, waiting to taste some wine and chocolate when all of a sudden Coco’s hair was on fire.  Thinking how to put out the flame, the server poured wine on Coco’s head and thankfully that extinguished the fire.  Coco was a really good sport about the situation.  Her hair even looked good.  It was remarkable.  Actually, several of us continued to toss out comments like “Your hot.  Let’s burn down the town.  I bet your a dancing inferno.”  Coco just smiled and laughed as we made light of what could have been devastating.  We could joke a little because she was not hurt.  We were all very grateful she was safe even if she was soaked.

KC sends a kiss. Jim's wine put out Coco's hot head. Kate observes.

KC sends a kiss. J0e’s wine put out Coco’s hot head. Kate observes.

After about an hour, we all parted ways and I to my hotel.  Awakened by the staff sliding receipts under doors down the hall, I lay thinking.  Coco was in flames and pouring out wine saved her.  “Wine poured out.” I had heard something about that before in the Bible. Looking it up I found Philippians 2:17 one translation reads “But if also I am poured out as a libation on the sacrifice and ministration of your faith, I rejoice, and rejoice in common with you all.”  This statement was written by Paul, a murderer who met the risen Jesus and became a very devoted follower of Christ. Many religions have a ritual of pouring out wine over a god as a sacrifice.  He was saying that even if his blood was spilled as a martyr while sharing the message of Jesus, it would bring joy from pleasing God.

Jesus having come from Heaven to die as a sacrifice in our place explained his actions in a similar way recorded in the Gospels.  While Jesus was sharing the Passover Holiday meal with his disciples, he took a cup of wine and told everyone to drink and remember him.  He prophesied, ““This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.”

Matthew 26:17-30

Luke 22:7-23

Mark 14:12-26

So now I lay in bed wanting to call Coco.  Does she know Jesus I wonder?  Has she heard that He is the “wine” that was poured out to save her from eternal Hell fire?  How about you?  Did you know with out Jesus, you are destined to burn with the torment of being separated from God forever?  Jesus said it straight out “I’m the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me,”  recorded in John 14:6.

Jesus is like a door that leads to paradise and the only exit from a building on fire.

Will you enter?

Will you enter?

I heard about the life of Jesus and other things he said by listening to an audio Bible.  My favorite can be purchased at

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Fasting for Fitness and Faith

Everyone has struggles in life.  Most of the time we just try to tough it out.  Why do we find it so hard to ask for help?  Human nature has us clinging to control but so much of life is out of our hands. We can control putting something in our mouth.heavy breakfast with ham cornbeef hash and eggs benedict

But usually it’s what come out of our mouth that is the problem.  It’s the corruption in our hearts that leaps off the tongue and we get into a lot of trouble with hurtful and careless words.

I want to fast mostly for clarity of direction in my career.  I have made some pretty drastic moves lately and second guess myself a lot.  I’m hoping by giving up eating and drinking certain things for a specific time, I can focus more on the Holy Spirit than my flesh.

I have gone as much as a week without solid food before.  It was a challenge.  Still, I did feel closer to God.

What are your experiences with Fasting?

I’m reading and recommend “The Roots and Fruits of Fasting” by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope. ISBN 0-9606936-9-6   Swope Enterprises P.O. Box 1290, Lone Star, TX 75668  phone 800-447-9772

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