Finding Lost Dutchman on the way to Los Angeles

The desert is a dramatic and surprising place.  The sounds of birds, coyotes and insects have their appointed times.  At other moments, the silence is deafening.  Then, out of seemingly nowhere comes the wind.  Swirling across the landscape during the day as a dust devil and then at night, the wind howls as it twirls around the canyons.

Lost Dutchman State Park campsite.

Lost Dutchman State Park campsite outside of Phoenix, AZ

Having left our tent unsecured without staking it down, we came back from our Window hike in Big Bend to find it in the brambles.  Elle felt the shelter was too small anyway. Now that it had small punctures throughout, it was time to shop for a new tent.  So while driving from Big Bend west on I-10 we used our smart phone to look for a camping store.  We found the Bass Pro Shop in Mesa, AZ.

IMG_1636I especially love the cactus, rocks, flowers and animals of the desert.


Elle mainly likes shopping.

IMG_1637We bought hiking boots, socks, a “camo” hat, lots of jerky and a fabulous tent with a screened in porch.  Having learned our lesson about the strong gusts, we tied down with boulders and the stakes.


It was a good thing we purchased better foot wear.  The climb to the top of Flat Iron Mountain was very challenging.  The trail is basically straight up the mountain.  It took us 7 hours.  It took lots of water, snacks and effort but the hike was beautiful and the view spectacular.


The next day we drove up the road past a very cold lake to Tortilla Flats where we heard the food was good.  The little town has been rebuilt after a fire but the original settlement dates back to before 1900.  People still arrive by saddle.

IMG_1642 The chili was amazing!  We like spicy.  Time to replace those 3000 calories we spent on the climb to the top of Flat Iron.

Chili dog = $7.00,

Dollar bills as wall paper = $100,000

Spicing it up with the Spice of my life, Elle = Priceless IMG_1641

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