5 Reasons We Don’t Want You to Know About the Mountain Biking in Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard, North Carolina

Whatever you do, don’t go to Brevard. Stay home. Ride your own trails. What’s so great about western North Carolina,

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Industry Nine's MatchStix Is the Best Use of Space on Your Bike

matchstix industry nine

Thru-axles have many advantages: improved stiffness, more precise disc-brake alignment, easier wheel installation, among others. Industry Nine looked at the

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First Look: Orbea's Prototype Terra

orbea terra

At Orbea’s Orca and Avant launch event in Spain this summer, company representatives said that they had a surprise

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First Look: Colnago Concept

Colnago Concept main

The Colnago Concept represents a notable expansion in the company’s product range: The company's newest race frame is also its

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Becoming One of America’s Healthiest Schools, One Step at a Time

Guest blog post written by Karen Mohr, Principal, Beryl Heights Elementary School, Redondo Beach,

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Protect Your Lady Parts Against These 5 Cycling Afflictions

I was sitting around a dinner table with a few pro women cyclists when the conversation turned to the decidedly

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The Super-Adjustable Tern Cargo Node

tern cargo folding bike

Have you ever walked into a bar and—after relaxing into a stool and ordering your drink—taken a quick scan of

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First Ride: Breezer Inversion

Breezer Inversion.

This year, Breezer unveiled two new bikes in the drop-bar adventure category—an exciting move for a brand known for its

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The 4 Coolest Pieces of Women’s Cycling Apparel for 2017

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The Gravity-Friendly 2017 Transition Scout Carbon

transition scout carbon 2017

The Transition Scout has earned a reputation as a fun-loving whip, with plenty of travel and the right geometry

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