Troubleshooting Your Most Common Cycling Pains

Riding a bike shouldn’t hurt. If it does, something is wrong, generally with your fit, gear, bike setup or riding

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The Kona Private Jake Is More Than a Cyclocross Bike

kona private jake cyclocross bike

The Private Jake is the new mid-level member of Kona’s Jake cyclocross-oriented lineup, but it can handle much more

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USA Cycling Opens Investigation into Missy Erickson's Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Missy Erickson.

Last month, six-time American national champion Missy Erickson came forward to speak about the sexual and emotional abuse

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This Mathematical Formula Can Help You Ride Happier


We know intuitively that riding bikes makes us happy. There’s also plenty of research that connects the phenomenon to a

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This Strange Invention Is the Hero Winter Cyclists Need

gritter bike Yannick Read

When snowplows clear banks of white stuff from the roads, they're doing a public service—for cars. They tend to push

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10-Minute Metabolism-Boosting Breakfasts That Will Help You Lose Weight

Think you don't have time for a breakfast that tastes so good a Monday feels like a Sunday? Think again.

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The Myth of Exercise 'Non-Responders'

Close-up of shoes in a race.

Anyone who has trained in a group knows that people have very different responses to training. Even if you’re doing

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The Science Of Why You Get Hangry

science of hangry

If needing a cookie turns you into a literal monster, you may suffer from a condition called “hanger.”


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Why Cyclists Go Crazy for Donuts


Cycling’s Donut Fervor

It’s about being part of a community. We bike because we love it, we love being outside,

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The Best Mountain Bike Gear Deals This Week

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